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Akin and Folahan Ayeni are passionate about the Lord Jesus Christ and the multi-dimensional ways in which God works out purpose, destiny and influence. They are committed to mentoring and encouraging individuals to attain to their highest and optimum potential in Christ Jesus within their spheres of influence.

Akin and Folahan are passionate about soul-winning, leadership training and the expansion of the Kingdom of God in the lives of people and societal systems. In course of their personal, professional and ministry lives, they have gained much experience and learned diverse lessons. These have consequently empowered and enabled them to teach with honesty, clarity, transparency and wisdom.

The Ayeni’s enjoy a fulfilling and blessed marriage with three sons and two grandchildren, even as they seek to continue growing in their personal relationships with God.


Akin Ayeni, MD, MPH, MBA

Akin is a Physician with over 40 years of experience in medical practice. He is a graduate of the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, Nigeria and the Morehouse School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA, where he completed both the Family Practice Residency program and a Fellowship in Faculty Development.

He holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from the Royal Institute of Public Health, London, and an MBA degree from the Emory University, Atlanta, GA. He also became an Oxford Scholar upon completion of the British Medical Practice program in Exeter, UK.

Akin is also an American Society of Addiction Medicine certified Addiction Disease/Substance Abuse Specialist Physicianand an expert in Stress-Related Disorders and Male Erectile / Potency Dysfunctions. He is a Member of the American Academy of Family Practice, a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Health, London, England.

Folahan Ayeni, LLB, BL, Dip.Th, LLM, MBA, MPA, LLM

Folahan Ayeni is an Attorney with over 38 years of legal experience. She graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria with a Bachelor’s degree in Law, obtained the Nigerian Bar Association License from the Nigerian Law School, and later, a Master’s degree in International Business Law from King’s College, University of London, U.K.

She obtained an Associate Diploma in Theology as well as several other Diploma’s and Certificates in Theology and Missions from various theological institutions. Folahan graduated with a MBA degree (International Business major) and later an MPA degree (Public and Non-Profit Management major), both from Georgia State University.

Folahan later graduated from Georgia State University with a Master’s degree in Law, passed the Georgia State Bar examsand now manages her own thriving law practice having been licensed by the Supreme Court of Georgia.

She is also a Part-Time Professor at Kennesaw State University where she is enrolled as a full-time doctoral student with a PhD dissertation on – Female Entrepreneurship Systems with emphasis on Africa. Folahan is an experienced administrator, grant writer, author of books, skillful writer, editor, publisher, motivational speaker, conference speaker, and event planner.

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